SikhArchive is a Sikh history blog that conducts podcast episodes with established authors, historians, researchers and academics on their respected topics of expertise related to either Sikh or Panjabi history.

In addition to that, we work everyday to develop a Google calendar application that can be used to notify our members of significant events that happened "on this day" via push notifications on their smartphones.

And finally, we are working hard to document the lives of Sikhs in Denmark. There is a rich 50 year history that we have been documenting, which includes oral history interviews with the first arrivals from Punjab in the 1960s.

This has led to a successful exhibition at the Immigration Museum in Copenhagen and now we are making an effort to write down our findings for a book titled, "Sikherne i Danmark" as well as working with the national archives to contribute their narratives.

Thank you for the generous support.

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